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Reminder after Log in:

  • To Receive Peer Call/Ring: Right click the blinking "Red Handset/OFF" icon which will open a New Tab and turn the Handset icon "Black" designating "ON". Click on this Tab to open Peer Call in manual mode (ID => enter username for video call or "0" or "00" + number for USA or global telephone call). Click on another tab to browse away from the Peer Call web page.
  • To Stop Peer Call/Ring: Click Media Control page Tab "X" which will close out the tab/page and turn the page top Handset icon from Black to blinking Red/OFF.
  • To Log Out: Click the main browser window "X" which will close all web pages or click the "Log Out" button (page top/center) for NetPropagate "CAS" (Central Authentication Service) Log Out which will close out only the NetPropagate-related web pages with CAS Logout message.